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Privacy Policy

SCM Solutions, LLC is a service provider that understands the value of trust and confidentiality. That said, with or without Nondisclosure Agreements, we preserve and respect all information provided to us by client or prospect companies and will not disclose information to anyone. In a similar manner all email and other pertinent data collected through prospect or client companies or website inquiries will be carefully guarded and never shared, sold, rented, or traded with any outside SCM Solutions, LLC for any purpose whatsoever. We do not provide lead information to software vendors. We issue Requests for Proposals or Request for Information on behalf of clients as a service to them. These clients may request us not to disclose their identities until such time as they are ready to move forward to a presentation phase. SCM Solutions, LLC uses contact data limited to our team to provide additional information to further a potential business relationship. Our blogs never reveal company names unless used in case studies with written permission, and many times omitted to protect the guilty.